Božava, a small port in the north-eastern part of the island Dugi otok. The ruins of fortifications are dated from the Illyrian times. Božava is first mentioned in written documents in 1327. as Bosane.

Although the inhabitants of Božava are hard working farmers and fishermen, most of them are included in tourism. You can find accomodation in private apartments or in hotels, and you are also welcomed in our nautical sport port. Kindness of the natives, as well as the long lasting tradition in tourism are the guaranty for your pleasant stay.

Welcome to Božava, the peaceful place with crystal clear blue sea, beautiful small bays surrounded with pine woods. Hospitable islanders and delicious domestic specialities are waiting for you here. Find your peace of heaven for vacation, relaxation, leisure, fun and socializing.


For magic holidays you do not need a magic formula. It is sufficient to spread maps and look out for Croatia, antic Zadar and Dugi otok. Geographically, it is the island of peculiar contrasts and the largest island in the North Dalmatian archipelago.

It is about 45 km long and between 1 and 4 km wide, the highest peak Vela Straža is 338 m high. The south-west coast of the island is steep with fascinating cliffs, and with line of bays, the most beautiful among them Sakarun and Telašćica. The pride of the island is a significant landscape with dominating lighthouse on the north-west side, and the Nature Park Telašćica on the south-east. Dugi otok has medditerranean climate, pleasant summers and gentle winters.

There is a profusion of medicinal herbs and aromatic plants (sage, rosemary, lavendel, etc.). Suitable sea streams, crystal purity of the sea and green surrounding of the numerous islands, makes the real embrace of the nature!