“Maslinom ovinèana, u dubokoj šumi spava..”
Arsen Dediæ

A great holiday for you!

Bozava, small port on the north-western part of Dugi Otok. The ruins of fortifications originate from the Illyrian times. It was first mentioned in written documents in 1327 as Bosane. Although the inhabitants of Božava are hard working farmers and fishermen, most of them are involved in tourism.

You can find accommodation in private apartments or in a hotel, you are welcome in our nautical sport port, and you can visit the diving school. Hosts' hospitality and a long tourist tradition, is a guarantee of a pleasant holiday.

Bozava, peaceful place with crystal blue sea, beautiful small bays surrounded by pine forests. There are waiting for good hosts and delicious local specialties. Here is your heavenly corner for rest and relaxation, entertainment and companionship.


Apartmani Antica

Parking, Pets allowed, Smoking, Garage, Pool, Breakfast
A2+2, SA2+0
Od -- €
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Apartmani Biserka

Parking, Grill
Pets allowed, Smoking, Garage, Pool, Breakfast
A2+1, A2+1
Od -- €
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Apartmani Milin

Parking, Smoking, Grill
Pets allowed, Garage, Pool, Breakfast
A3+2, A4+2, A4+2
Od -- €
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Veli kamik

Parking, Smoking
Pets allowed, Grill, Garage, Pool, Breakfast
S2+0, S2+0, S2+0, S2+0
Od -- €
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Live camera started streaming

We are happy to inform that camera overlooking the port of Bozava started with its live coverege!

Camera will be streaming live video throughout the year.

7/2/2016 11:07:12 AM